Net Worth:
$60.3 Billion
Born: Wichita
AGE: 82
United States
$48.4 B: Net Worth in 2017
$39.7 B: Net Worth in 2016
$42.9 B: Net Worth in 2015


  • Charles and his younger brother David inherited the business from their father, Fred Koch, who had founded the company in 1940.
  • He went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to study engineering. He earned his Bachelor of Science in general engineering in 1957, and a Master of Science (M.S.) in mechanical engineering in 1958. He then completed another Master’s degree and received his M.S. in chemical engineering in 1960.
  • He became the Director of Koch Industries in 1982 and also serves, or has served, as the Director of other corporations including Entrust Financial Corp. and Georgia-Pacific LLC, paper and pulp products.
  • He is a libertarian and is in favor of free-enterprise policy and advocacy organizations.
  • He is a renowned philanthropist and focuses on funding projects in the fields of research, policy and education which are intended to advance free-market views.
  • He has been married to his wife Liz since 1972 and has two children.