This may not be a post regarding lofts but we can’t ignore impressive architecture and design. These town homes raise the bar in well executed design and developers who are concerned with the built environment.

Hybrid believes that any new building should be designed to be adaptable for the many generations that will enjoy it. In 100-years the building will likely have a completely different use as the city and zoning adapt to the needs of the community. Because of this, we chose to allow the building to transform itself over time. The bottom floor flex space has rough-in plumbing for a future kitchen, its own entrance, a 3/4 bathroom, and is designed with a demountable MDF wall to be built-out to completely separate it from the 2 floors above with no major remodeling necessary. This simple design technique allows the building to double its occupancy if necessary. The roof gardens are equipped with 9” of soil to allow for urban vegetable gardening by the inhabitants.

These town homes designed and created by HyBrid arc.

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