The rich are known for spending their money on some crazy things. Here are a few things Kim Kardashian spends her money on.

Gold Plated Toilet
In 2013, Kim and Kanye splashed down $750,000 for four gold-plated toilets.
Savoir Royal State bed
The Royal State Bed known as a “half-tester”, with its elaborately scalloped canopy and headboard, and piled up with pillows and bolsters, is more like a sumptuous hideaway than a modern divan.
Swarovski Fridge
Gorenje launches luxury fridge-freezer decorated with high-quality crystals from Swarovski. Only 5 exist.
Aventador LP 700-4
Powered by a twelve-cylinder engine with 6.5 liters’ displacement, delivering 700 hp, all for Kenya’s 35th birthday.
Ferrari F430
Designed by Pininfarina, under the guidance of Frank Stephenson, the body styling of the F430 was revised from its predecessor, the Ferrari 360.
Hidden Hills Home
Purchased in 2014 and renovations started right away.